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Rest More For Your Aches and Pains

Rest more, and take sleep seriously. Sleep has been linked to many indicators of health, this is the first thing I prescribe for sick and tire people. On average people sleep about 7 hours a night, this is about 90 minutes less than 100 years ago. Some affects of disturbed sleep: -fat around mid section -Mood swings, low energy -Pains in the body that won’t go away -Trouble recovering from injury

Sleep Made Easy

Get to Sleep by 10 pm Cortisol is the master hormone for sleep and wake cycles, it is released in the body during the morning and also is considered the stress hormone. When our bodies are under emotional, physical, or psychological stress our body pumps out cortisol which can ruin our sleep cycles. Cortisol- Peaks around 9 am, gets us up and moving for the day Starts to wind down around 6 pm and tells us to get ready for sleep Physical Repair happens between 10 pm to 2 am. Psychological Repair happens between 2 am and 6 am.

As you can see, getting to bed by 10pm allows your mind and body to heal! When you stay up parting, caring for kids, or up watching TV your nervous system gets fatigued. This usually shows up as brain fog, headaches, and difficulty concentrating. Tips For Sleep - Avoid eating after 7:30pm, especially sweets. When you eat a big meal before bed all of your glands and organs will work all night which can disrupt sleep - Get off the caffeine/sugar treadmill.

Do you run to work on a cup of coffee and grab a muffin at work? We have all been guilty of this. Reaching for sweets and caffeine can send our bodies into a fight or flight mode which releases cortisol. This is the hormone that tells us to get moving! This can be disastrous as you will not feel tired before bed. This is the “tired but wired” syndrome - Do you wake up sweating and hungry at 1 am - 3 am? This is a sign that your body is stressed usually from eating a high sugar diet with insulin spikes. Your body is trying to wake you up to eat. If this is happening, get off the caffeine/sugar treadmill.

Longterm, this can cause insulin resistance, fat around mid section, and increased aging .If this is happening try eating a high fat snack closer to bedtime. Personally, I find a handful of pumpkin seeds or nuts does the trick - Get up with the sun and stare at it! This can help our body regulate our sleep/wake cycles and regulate cortisol production. Bonus if you can watch the sun set as well. - Getting up early will ensure that when bed time comes around we are tired by 10 pm - Get black out curtains. This is important as light can trick our systems into thinking it is time to wake up. - Have a shower or bath before bed for relaxation. Try to use natural skin care and bath products as chemicals can be absorbed through the skin and send us in to a stress response. All the best!

Dr Alexa Ps- I love helping you guys, if there is any feedback please let me know.

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